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Give your child a gift to last them a lifetime – Money Savvy Piggy Banks

Unlike traditional one-slot piggy banks, this piggy bank has four chambers, one for each of the four money management choices Save, Spend, Donate, Invest - teaching your child conscious money choices from a young age. 


Why Money Savvy Piggy Bank… Money Savvy Pig

Dianne Charman CFP  founded  Jade Kids in 2010 as part of her passion to help young people start a positive money relationship with support to learn how to make good money choices.

Dianne, a financial planner located in Ipswich, Queensland, is passionate about getting involved at the grass roots level with our future generations to help them understand and implement good money choice habits so they become Money Savvy adults. 

Finding the Money Savvy Generation in the US and using the Money Savvy Kids program in her business for the last 9 years has seen Dianne and her team help 100s of young people through her Jade Kids Workshops utilising the Money Savvy Piggy Bank as the hero of the program.

Earlier this year after hearing Money Savvy Kids unfortunately was closing due to family reasons, Dianne with her husband and business partner, Dale, decided to continue their passion and have now taken on the business of Money Savvy Kids to join with the vision of Jade Kids.

Aussie kids can continue to be taught how to become more money savvy with a new piggy bank.  The four chambers: save, spend, donate and invest help children learn there are more than just one choice when it comes to how you use your money.

This piggy bank is unlike any other money box.  Unlike traditional one-slot piggy bank, this piggy bank has four chambers, one for each of the four money management choices as a child offering conscious choices from a young age. 

“Many parents comment to me how they love the concept of the Money Savvy Piggy Bank, it supports them in teaching and encouraging their children to save and reinforces making good money choices,” said Dianne.

When you give children the Money Savvy Pig, you give them control over the money in their lives.  In a respectful way, the Money Savvy Pig asks children what they think is the best choice and allows them to make it.  A sense of control leads to a sense of security and stability.

We live in a multi-dimensional world and children have come to expect a multi-dimensional experience. Further to the banks, Dianne has been paving the road for teaching children to be money savvy since 2010 when she first introduced the Jade KidsMoney Savvy workshop in her local community.

The Jade KidsMoney Savvy workshop is designed to teach kids in a fun and interactive way some of the money lessons which will help them make good money choices.

Dianne believes by using a program such as Jade KidsMoney Savvy we offer our children some of the financial fundamentals to prepare them to deal with money in their adult life. 

Dianne is looking forward in 2017 to offer the Jade Kids Money Savvy workshop across Australia. 


Start today and pick out your favourite Money Savvy Piggy Bank colour and give a gift which is great fun whilst building your childs financial foundation to set them up for success in the future.