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We recognise its tough to raise much-needed funds for schools, clubs, churches, charities and associations. The Money Savvy Pig is here to help! We offer a win/win solution that enables you to raise funds whilst helping teach kids responsible money habits that last a lifetime.

We value referral of our product and want to reward parents associations for telling parents about our Money Savvy Pig and School Curriculum. Money Savvy Kids is an ethical and useful way to raise funds using an award-winning product that has ongoing value for parents and children.


Money Savvy Kids recognises that for an organisation or group to operate a successful fundraising program, it needs to obtain goods at the best possible price.  To help you acheive success in your fundraising program, we offer the following discounts to Bulk Orders:

Order 48 and Over = 2.5% discount

Order 60 and Over = 3.5% discount

Order 100 and Over = 7.5% discount

Order 200 and Over = 12% discount

Order 500 and Over = 15% discount


Simply contact us here or call or 1300 200 998 and let us know what you would like to order and where you require delivery.  We will then provide you with a written quote within 48 hours which will include a cost for delivery.

Additionally, we can provide you with a Bulk Order Form which can be printed for use to gather details of the Money Savvy Kids products you would like to order.  Just attach the completed form and email it to

Freight & Delivery for Bulk Orders

When you order in bulk, we will source 3 quotes for delivery that you can choose from.

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