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Our Story

Thank you for your interest in helping kids become money savvy when it comes to making choices with their money.

Our business Jade Financial Group has been associated with the Money Savvy Pigs since 2010.  We started Jade Kids Foundation and commenced running workshops in our local community.  We are very pleased to now look to expand the reach of such a great educational tool created by Susan Beacham from Money Savvy Generation in the United States.

You’ll see some words from Susan and links to the great work the Money Savvy Generation have already achieved in the United States.  When you find something that works so well we thought let’s bring this to our local communities in Australia and New Zealand.  The previous owners of Money Savvy Kids did just that and we’re now looking forward to continuing to bring the Money Savvy messages to even more people. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to continue the work in financial literacy.  Jade Financial Group has been recognised as a leader in the financial services community and was most recently awarded Most Trusted Adviser.  We know that part of the reason we have been recognised in this way is because of our focus on our community to improving people's financial well-being.  The core values of our business are Integrity and Family Happiness, we believe the Money Savvy Kids fits perfectly with our values.

We look forward to continuing to spread the word of financial well-being and helping our young people in our communities to thrive on making great money choices.  The Money Savvy Piggy Bank is an excellent start and by partnering with like-minded organisations we believe we can reach more and more children and help parents instil great money behaviours for children to build a strong foundation for their financial future.

We’re part of your team to bring to life the financial strengths of our next generations.

Enjoy being money savvy...

Dale & Dianne Charman

Jade Kids

We are the leaders in personal finance education for children. 

Money Savvy Kids, and our global partners, develop innovative products that help parents, educators and others teach kids the skills of basic personal finance. We strive to empower kids to take control of their financial lives and, in turn, their futures.

Together we lead the way in all categories:
  • We sell more 4-chambered savings banks than anyone else in the world. 

  • Primary and secondary school teachers prefer our scripted curriculum format. 

  • We have more personal finance content (curriculum, activity books, seminars, songs and other products) for school children than anyone else. 

  • Our personal finance products for children have won numerous awards from educators, the press and trusted third party organisations that rate children's products. 

  • We have more published studies demonstrating the effectiveness of our curriculum than all our competitors combined.

Everyone should have a passion in their lives. Something that excites them 24/7.

Our passion is to inoculate our children against financial illiteracy at an early age so that they develop good money habits for life.

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