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You wish that you had this as a child.

You work hard to make sure that special child in your life is emotionally and physically healthy. You're a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, uncle, or perhaps a friend. But what about that child's financial health? Money doesn't come with instructions, so it is vital that a child learns early on how to make good financial choices. The ability to make good financial choices is something even a young child can understand if you put the right tools in his or her hand. Tools you probably wish you had had when you were growing up.

Money Savvy Kids has those tools. Our products are simple, but effective. They are designed to teach kids and teens the basic building blocks for good financial decision making like:

  • The 4 money choices every person has

  • a sense of delayed gratification

  • the importance of short and long term goal setting 

  • the discovery that saving money can be as satisfying as spending it.

Meet our Money Savvy Pig – the Piggy Bank for the 21st Century

This is the piggy bank that you wish that you had as a child. Especially designed for ages 4 to 11, the Money Savvy Pig is a unique 4 chambered piggy bank that won a Parents' Choice Gold Award when it was first introduced in 2002. Why does it work? Because it involves the child, it touches kids emotionally and changes their behaviour to develop good life long money habits. Each child is taught how to set goals and make meaningful financial decisions, behaviours and habits that last a lifetime.

You can tell or even show a child something, but unless that child actively involves themself, their behaviour will not change.

Parents do need our help.

The area of personal finance has become complex.... and dangerous. Mistakes can be costly. Today's adults grapple with credit card debt, retirement planning, identity theft, credit assessments and even bankruptcy. We recognise this and provide you with the tools and a simple framework to help get kids smart about money.

It's about a gift that really does last a lifetime.

A child can have solid reading, writing, and math skills, but if they cannot manage their money, they will struggle or even fail as adults. You can change that. You can give them the tools and basic framework to make good financial decisions that last a lifetime. Armed with this knowledge, they will become money savvy adults and manage money responsibly. You can change their lives today!

Research shows that even a small amount of time spent teaching our kids about basic money management leads to a lifetime of good money management habits. Early intervention is the key to success.

All you need is a Money Savvy Pig and an @Home Curriculum.

Give your child the gift of a lifetime of good money management habits, behaviours and skills. This truly is one of the greatest lessons a parent can pass on to their children.

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