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A parent is the most influential teacher in a child's life - especially when it comes to money. Children form their attitudes about the importance of savings between the ages of eight and twelve. If you want to instill good money habits in your children, and are looking for help, Money Savvy Kids offers parents Money Savvy Kids Education Packs, a creative, child-friendly educational program that teaches personal finance basics in a fun, approachable way to ensure that the learning sticks. Don't leave your kids to learn about money the hard way!

Designed for children ages six to eleven, Money Savvy Kids Education Packs are the perfect starting point to teach a child how to get smart about money. Leading the way is the award-winning, interactive Money Savvy Pig piggy bank which helps parents and children explore such topics as the history of money, where does money come from, the importance of earning money and, of course, the four basic money management choices: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest.


To help deepen parents' understanding of how children should relate to money, the curriculum talks about goal setting, money choices, teaching kids to pay themselves first, and that favorite topic --- pocket money! Working together, a parent and child can complete each chapter in about 60 minutes. Tackle one, or more than one at a time. Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Money Savvy Kids Premium Sibling Education Pack

  • The Money Savvy Kids Premium Sibling Education Pack is aimed at a first time purchaser for one child that does not already have a Money Savvy Pig or Soccer Ball. This pack includes:


    1 x Student Handbook

    1 x Student Workbook (Chapters 1-4)

    1 x Student Workbook (Chapters 5-8)

    1 x Colouring & Activity Book

    1 x Money Savvy Pig or Soccer Ball (any colour of your choice)


    Please note:  If ordering more than one Education Pack, please select your choice of piggy bank and add to your cart before selecting a subsequent piggy bank to complete your order.

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